Other services

Petcare Clinics are also pleased to discuss other supplementary and complementary services with our clients. Specialist services are available by referral.

Canine and equine physiotherapy

As part of the Petcare group, Our Vets offers the expertise of a trained animal physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can help with conditions such as muscle strain, wounds and injuries, neurological problems and degenerative diseases. It can also relieve pain and help speed up the healing process. Using non-invasive techniques such as massage, exercises, hydrotherapy, pulsed magnetic and laser therapy rehabilitation, programmes are individually tailored for dogs and horses.

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Pet behaviour therapy

At our Petcare clinics we have a qualified and experienced pet behaviourist to give advice and practical help on all aspects of pet behaviour. Our Chiswick based vet Claire Lisamann MRCVS can help with a range of pet problems such as fear and anxiety, separation anxiety, barking, aggression, phobias, urine spraying and compulsive behaviours.

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